“We have just started but Bob was great in the initial consultation and was able to customize his advice for the unique needs of our startup. He also prepared a detailed proposal for us and is pretty flexible. His rates are GREAT and we’re looking forward to working with him.”

Mariam A.

“Coming from abroad it was difficult to blindly trust. Bob’s accurate and immediate help without asking for money pulled me in. Pleased to say i’m happy life guided me to Bob.”

Deon V.

“Bob did an excellent job advising me about my tax liability in a really unusual year for me income-wise. I would recommend him – experienced, competent, and easy to work with.”

John B.

“Bob was very professional. He made what could have been a complicated tax filing very simple and hassle free for me.”

James G.

“Really enjoyed working with Bob! I had a fairly complicated tax year and he plugged through it like a champ. looking forward to using him again next year!”

Rachel R.

“Bob did a great job at preparing and submitting our taxes for us.”

Phil D.

“Thanks Bob for the great professional tax service.”

Dan D.

“Bob was quick and efficient. He gave me simple suggestions on ways to make my tax burden lower. He took the time to ensure that my return was done correctly.”

Richard B.

“Best tax service I ever used”

Frederick G.

“As soon as I spoke to Bob on the phone I could tell he was a legitimate tax professional. He completed our returns on the spot, provided some very sound advice, and at a very reasonable price. I am very pleased with his services! AP Wilmington, DE”

Anthony P.

“Bob is competent, knowledgeable, and charges well below what other tax preparers want for the same service. He works from his home so has no office overhead expenses to cover. I strongly reccommend him!”

Jack F.

“Wonderful experience! Very thorough and professional. Knows extensive tax laws for my region as well as across the US. Highly recommend!”

Gina W.

“Bob is a nice guy and goes out of his way to help you understand what you can do to help get the biggest refund. He also answered any tax questions we had to improve our situation for the years ahead. Thanks Bob!”

Peter S.

“Bob is excellent at what he does. Thank you Bob!!!”

Setor A.

“Bob knew about work at home expenses that other professionals did not use for my taxes which lowered my taxable income.”

Kathy C.

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